Visit The Wild Side


Crane Lake Minnesota

The best way to describe the animal, bird, and plant life in the Crane Lake Minnesota area is Wow! Take a step into the wild side and see nature's show. In The Land of 10,000 Lakes aquatic animals are a common sight. Glaciers provided the footprint for the waterways with their majestic granite outcroppings and the beaver has provided the habitat that is needed by aquatic plants. These plants provide food for aquatic insects and fish. The fish, in turn, support the wide variety of fish-eating birds. Osprey, eagle, and great blue heron nests occur throughout our area along with the common loons. Crane Lake Minnesota explodes with migratory birds that have returned and are on full display durring the summer months!

The lakes, rivers, and ponds in conjunction with the forests are ideal for big game habitat. The bears are out of hibernation, the deer are moving about with their fawns, and the moose are enjoying the cool water surroundings. The Crane Lake area offers numerous unique opportunities to see wild life in its nature surroundings or visit one of the destination animal points of interest. The Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary, the Cold Springs Deer Farm, and the Bog Walk are interpretive locations that give you the opportunity to see and learn more about local wild life in a controlled setting. All of these destinations are just a short drive from Scott's Peaceful Valley.

Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary The sanctuary offers an opportunity to view wild black bears in their Natural habitat. From the safety of an observation deck you will be able to view bears as they play, climb, vocalize and eat. Trained representatives of the sanctuary will interpret behavior as it happens in front of you and will present facts about black bear behavior, ecology and their habitat needs. A great opportunity to photograph bears in their natural setting.

Cold Springs Deer Farm The deer farm is a perfect family destination to relax and observe the white tailed deer. The main attractions are seeing the little spotted fawns and hand feeding the larger deer including the largest tame white-tail buck in this area. There is also a unique gift shop and shaded picnic area within view of the deer. Located just north of Orr it is a short drive from Scott's Peaceful Valley.

Bog Walk The Bog Walk provides an informative opportunity to see a unique ecosystem. The peat bogs in Northern Minnesota provide an environment of numerous species of birds and wild life. . A boardwalk takes you down to the Pelican River. Red-necked grebes can be seen at the river and many warblers can be seen and heard in this unique setting. The short boardwalk trail has .interpretive signs mark unusual plants that thrive in the acidic waters of the bog, including the pitcher plant. The Bog Walk is located at the Orr Tourist Information Center on Hwy. 53 just south of Orr.

The ability to see nature, wild, and plant life by in the variety of settings from numerous vantage points allows you to pick and choose the best methods that fits your vacation plans and desires. At Scott's Peaceful Valley we have our own group of visitors from the wild side. Almost daily the deer come by the resort, the ducks and their ducklings feed in our marina, and the loons swim in front of the docks looking for their catch of the day. You will definitely have the wild on your side at Scott's Peaceful Valley in Crane Lake Minnesota.


Panaramic view of resort.