Walleye Fishing

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The walleye fishing is some of the best in Minnesota and offers the opportunity to have numerous fishing days of enjoyment. You do not have to travel great distances to find these trophy fish. Some of the best Minnesota walleye fishing is right in Crane Lake. The Walleye year group populations are abundant not only because of the environment, but because the State DNR has a slot size of 17-28 inches to protect the breading stock. The daily limit of four walleyes affords one the opportunity to enjoy a shore lunch on the lake or bring your catch back to the resort.

The walleyes move from their spawning grounds in May and can be found in the rivers and shallow water. In June the fish are transiting to the reefs and are normally between 15 -22 feet of water. The July and August timeframe find the walleyes staying on the reef structures in water deeps between 18-32 feet. The tackle of choice is divided between the Lindy type rigs and the bottom bouncing jig fisherman.