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2015 Walleye Opener

The 2015 Walleye fishing opener is on Saturday May 9th. It is too early to predict how the Spring fishing will be, but all forecasts predict a mild winter with below normal snow fall. This normally leads to a typical ice out in April with good water for the walleye spawn. The only thing I know for sure is that fishing is always great and the catching is the individual challenge. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Mr. SPVR Bear says Spring is near


Mr. SPVR Bear has come out of hibernation and is saying the end of winter is over for Crane Lake. He watches as the snow continues to melt and the water flowing into the lake. After a walk on theĀ  ice in the warm sun he senses that open water is just around the corner. The quote of the day from him was ” I may not be a ground hog, but I know the sights and sounds of spring. It is here to stay”.

Fishing In Crane Lake Minnesota

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEven though winter has set in around Peaceful Valley, Missy is still trying to combine boating and snowmobiling. After an hour of casting on the dock for bass and only catching ice chunks she quit. With a foot of ice on Crane Lake there are some fisherman that have made the conversion to hard water fishing. I have seen few folks doing some crappie and walleye fishing. Trout fishing is my favorite winter activity and kick off for the season is January 1st.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA