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Crane Lake Ice Fishing

Winter is here and we at Scott’s Peaceful Valley will be open in May for the 2018 vacation season. However, let me mention that there is no time like winter for some good old fashion hard water fishing. Ice fishing in the Crane Lake area is diverse, challenging, and rewarding to those that venture out onto the frozen water to enjoy a day on the ice.

There is a potential world’s record with every jig of the pole or set line put up. The ice conditions and groomed trails make it a safe and quick snowmobile ride to the area fishing spots. On Crane Lake ice fishermen using portable or fixed shelters find that they are rewarded with walleyes and crappies.

For those that want to venture into VNP to enjoy a day of ice fishing normally go to Mukooda Lake or Sand Point Lake in the Grassy Bay area. Unfortunately Mukooda Lake is catch and release only for Lake Trout, however there are ample opportunities to catch northerns and pan fish. Grassy Bay is the go to spot for crappies. Our Canadian neighbors to the north have some world class ice fishing available for walleyes, northerns, crappies, and the king of the winter waters the Lake Trout. David Lake, Lac La Croix, and Thompson Lake are the primary lakes for ice fishing. All are within an hour’s snowmobile ride. Most of the travel is across the frozen water with good connecting trails between the lakes.

There are only a couple of things you need to do in preparation for a trip into Canada for ice fishing. First you need to get a Remote Border Crossing Permit (RABC) and have a U.S. passport. Along with your Canadian fishing license and you are all set. You can get an RABC online or go to the Canadian Customs office at Ft. Frances.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to enjoy our beautiful winter land and the fabulous ice fishing available in our area. You may not be able to stay with us until May, but you can probably catch me out on the ice chasing those potential trophy Lakers.

California Girl To Crane Lake

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACrane Lake nice can have some interesting twists and turns throughout the year. As I found out ice fishing with my Granddaughter. You can take the girl out of California, but you can’t take the California out of the girl. Well guess what, we almost did. Old Gramps was undone by the new ice fisher person. After multiple trips and multiple fish there was no beginners luck to it. I think we found a natural. When Grandma asked how her day was she replied,” I spent the day with a bunch of ice holes!” Grandma pondered that comment for a moment and I thought that was  appropriate  given the state of confusion I was in. Life is good.